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Evolve will design, develop, produce and evaluate learning products for all forms of flexible instructional strategies including Online, distance and flexible delivery, cross media facilitator led, print based self instructional, audio and video tape formats and blended learning. Our specialists encourage learning strategies that provide learners with the relevant resources, motivational activities, and realistic contexts needed for a highly productive and satisfying learning experience. The development model is quality assured and auditable throughout the process. Key design elements include assessment of needs, curriculum development, instructional design, adaptive assessment, multi-dimensional evaluation and validation mechanisms.

Where clients desire an online delivery strategy Evolve will support eLearning in the following areas:

  • Identify and evaluate emerging technologies and strategies;
  • Design and development of innovative customised eLearning strategies;
  • Design and production of customised eLearning products;
  • Support for client based initiatives with eLearning resources;
  • Identify, document and promote best practice eLearning techniques; and
  • Evaluation of current eLearning programs.
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