Case Study 9

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Induction Program

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‘Welcome to DFAT’

The ‘Welcome to DFAT’ online induction program provides new employees with information on their roles and responsibilities within their new job. The program’s structure allows users to select which area they need as a priority based on their immediate needs.

The learners have the flexibility to::

  • Work through each screen from start to finish - this allows them to get up to speed on a topic. A successful completion will be recorded in the LMS, and/or

  • Use the program as an information resource - access the specific information as needed, or refresh their memory on a particular topic. The eLearning program is always available to meet their immediate information needs.

The e-Learning solution allowed the participant to study in a time frame matching their learning ability and other work priorities. Importantly, the online solution provided learning activities that were nationally consistent and allowed the user to individualise their learning path.

Feedback from participants is overwhelmingly positive as they welcomed the realism and flexibility that the online environment brings to their learning requirements. As well as improving knowledge and skills, the solution has changed minds about the effectiveness of technology by providing a very successful example of online learning.

Designed and developed for: Intranet, DFAT Local Drive, WCAG 2AA compliant

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