Case Study 8

WA Department of Communities Induction

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‘Welcome to Housing’

The WA Department of Communities (WACD) required the development of a new employee induction program that was based on a gaming metaphor. The online induction needed to guide newcomers through a specific start-up process as well as provide structured learning events. The users would be supported by ‘take-away’ resources at key informational points.

The program draws upon a wide range of material to create a comprehensive information resource for new staff. There are several ways to use this program, based upon your individual needs and learning preferences:

  • learners have a structured learning experience in the form of a continuous scenario,
  • learners who desire a rapid, non-linear learning experience can navigate to a specific modules after completing the course the first time,
  • learners can view video and audio based recommendations from current employees,
  • learners can confirm their level of knowledge by attempting the practice activities, and
  • learners are supported by ‘take-away’ resources at key informational points.

The solution's key strength is it presents knowledge elements as they are applied within the context of the workplace. Video and audio is used to illustrate the job as well as providing access to supporting materials (references and fact sheets) that continue the learning experience and remain relevant to the ever changing job needs.

By the end of the program, the participants have lived vicariously through experiences of others and see the pride they have in the job.

Designed and developed for: Intranet, Internet, Mac/PC, iPad, WCAG 2 compliant

Evolve Studios won the 2018 LearnX Gold Award for Best Online Learning Model with WA Department of Communities.

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