Case Study 6

CityRail Pram Safety Campaign

CD-ROM photo

Photography, Packaging and Design

CityRail required the development of a safety campaign to raise the awareness of pram safety on railway stations.

The aim was to address the key issues surrounding the accidents where prams had rolled off platforms by developing pram safety messages on a ‘giveaway’ DVD. This campaign was a large public project with a high volume distribution.

Evolve Studios role included brainstorming ideas, producing initial concepts for client approval, photographing elements to be included in the artwork, selecting appropriate photo disc imagery and creating the print design and packaging concept for the DVD case.

The packaging was designed to attract people with the image of the baby holding the CityRail ticket on the front of the casing. The fold out DVD casing then reinforced the safety steps in both photographic and text formats.

The final package was an engaging product that portrays a clear message for pram safety.

Designed and developed for: Print

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