Case Study 4

Austrade Intranet Training

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‘Welcome to Connect’

Austrade completed a realignment of their programs and services to position the organisation to meet the needs of all types of clients – from new to more experienced exporters. This realignment has resulted in new business processes and a number of new tools and systems to support these changed processes. These new processes / tools will be underpinned by new systems. This includes the recently implemented Relationship Management System (RMS) and an upgrade to Connect which is Austrade’s collaboration and document management portal.

Evolve was commissioned to design a bespoke eLearning program to introduce the new version of Connect and teach users about the new features. It was critical that the eLearning emphasised the benefits of the new procedures Connect was using within a practical context.

Most importantly the learning program also needed to motivate them to use the new procedures Connect was creating. The resultant solution created a virtual work colleague that demonstrated how he had used Connect to improve collaboration and document management. Through the narrative and associated demonstrations the learners were able to ‘see’ how to use the portal and the positive effect this had on work flow.

Designed and developed for: Intranet in Adobe Captivate

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