Case Study 3

Minx Creative

packaging image

Branding, Website & Marketing Collateral

Minx Creative is a business specialising in photographic services to both the consumer and commercial markets.

All collateral was required from logo design, website creation, letterhead, envelopes, packaging, and brochures.

The aim was to keep the branding slick so that the type logo could stand alone but could also be accompanied by the coloured light reflections pattern where appropriate to add effect. The pattern signified the light reflections hitting the lens and forming and image and act as a high impact visual on the collateral.

The final design developed portrays a charismatic, powerful brand which represents the business culture of Minx creative and appeals to both their consumer and commercial audiences.

The design is flexible enough to be portrayed throughout various mediums whilst keeping its consistency and image intact.

The result was an engaging marketing image which will age well, and be flexible enough to cater for the needs of a growing business.

Designed and developed for: Print, Internet, CD-ROM

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