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LearnX Asia Pacific 2007
The LearnX conference show-cased the best the Asia Pacific learning market has to offer. Evolve Studios was invited to present our innovative design strategy for Blended Learning. Our approach provides a very clear understanding of how instructional method and delivery media can provide a truly unique learning experience. The concept asks the question “Are we, as learning developers, Evolving or just Revolving”?

Click to download the outline of the presentation slides.

Customs National Recruit Training
Evolve’s specialist learning analysts have been working with Customs National HRD to redevelop Recruit training. This project will deliver a national training program that uses the latest in learning strategies and media applications. The final learning package will include a learner manuals, facilitator guides, media applications, assessment program and OJT task book.

IAG eDesign Program
To support IAGs in-house eLearning capability, Evolve was asked to deliver a specialist eDesign program. It was not just about learning design but covered media elements such as graphic design, interaction design and media selection models. The highly immersive program provided the SKA needed for effectual eDesign. The program was considered so successful that it will be rolled out to internal and external designers.


DIAC Level 4 Evaluation
Kirkpatrick’s Level 4 evaluation is a difficult task and therefore rarely attempted. However with the introduction of the redeveloped Compliance training, it was considered essential to have an independent Level 4 evaluation to determine the impact of the learning intervention on organisational performance. Evolve’s evaluation specialists were selected to conduct the evaluation as well as deliver the ‘Effective Evaluation’ learning program to the DIAC in-house Evaluation Section.


Vodafone Blended Learning
Vodafone has invested in the development of an eLearning program to support the roll out of their new customer management system. After careful analysis it was decided that the best method of delivery was via a blended environment where the online program is supported by facilitators. To support the development of the blended learning strategy, Evolve delivered a series of Blended Design workshops to Vodafone’s Australian and New Zealand staff. This specialist program assists facilitators to create the perfect sequence of blended learning activities.


Toshiba Sales Management System
The ReRite rollout continues with the launching of Phase 3 of the sales management system. This browser based system allows managers and sales staff, at all levels, to track real time sales achievements against the yearly budget. Detailed analysis of sales targets against performance provides Toshiba managers a continuous update of sales trends at national and regional levels. As well, the sales staff continue to be supported with marketing tools including promotional 3D animations, video productions and specialist sales training.


Mathemax Branding & Marketing Collateral
Mathemax are a reseller of the K-12 maths training product - the Mathemagic Computer Tutor. The branding and marketing collateral developed by Evolve created a sense of company culture and community within the growing organisation. The external collateral has created an inspiring eye-catching display that can be seen in shopping centres throughout NSW. Collateral included shopping centre banners, brochures, product branding, certificates, forms and ID tags.

Dianna lends a hand to the Burn Foundation Australia.
All proceeds from Australian Marathon Swimmer Deke Zimmerman's amazing record breaking swim from Manly Cove to Parramatta and then back again went to the Burn Foundation Australia. Set with the task of swimming a distance of 72 kms (twice the English Channel)Deke departed Manly Cove at 2am and returned a little over 15 hours later that day.

Dianna was very proud to assist with sourcing sponsorships, the creation of marketing materials and event management for this important charity event.


Evolve Studios is selected as eLearning Panel member for Australian Customs Service.
Customs has produced some of the most interesting experiential eLearning over the past years. Evolve is proud to join this elite team and brings expertise in 3D animation and real-time problem solving environments.


Michael Harvey provides another magnificent Carols in the Domain.
For the last 11 years Michael has been the Musical Director for this wonderful yuletide event. Michael writes the musical arrangements and directs the orchestra to produce a truly moving event that heralds Christmas for us all.


Zac Zaharias provides curriculum development support to Defence.
Zac has extensive experience as an Instructional Designer with national and international projects to his credit. This Defence Department project required a number of Training Management Plans to be produced. Each Plan outlines the requirements for a training package to be delivered.


Dianna helps a Community achieve new highs.
Dianna used her event management skills to produce and host Carols by Candlelight for a Rotary Sponsored Community event. Feedback from the organisers confirmed that it was the most successful Carols in a very long time. It was estimated that the crowd numbers were up to 50% higher due to Dianna's new approach to event marketing.


Evolve Studios selected as part of the preferred supplier team for Law Enforcement.
Law enforcement operational training requires the highest level of learner immersion in high risk situations. With Evolve's strengths in experiential environments, 3D animations and instructional design we are able to produce a new level of learner interactivity.


Robb Reiner selected to present at the 17th Biennial ODLAA Conference.
The issue of media selection is a topic that has been of particular interest for learning professionals for the last few decades. With the increase of eLearning many traditional learning media is being replaced. Robb re-visits the research behind such a move and suggests that learning design is revolving rather than evolving.


Marianne Cini discusses accessibility in multimedia at the Design Institute of Australia.
Marianne's presentation gave students an awareness of multimedia accessibility issues including good screen design and usability, designing for the correct end-user and designing for disabilities. The goal was to raise awareness of not only what to consider when designing, but what to ask when establishing a design brief.


Evolve Studios launches Pulse Conference Centre. With the ever growing need for secure meeting facilities that provide the highest level of technology support, Evolve Studios has developed the state of the art Pulse Conference Centre. Clients can how conduct strategic level working groups and meetings in a secure environment that has been especially designed to support collaborative strategies. Equipped with the latest in audio visual and technology solutions clients enjoy the team performance that only comes from working together in a purpose built environment.


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