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"Books will soon be obsolete" was Thomas Edison's opinion as the advent of motion pictures became a dramatic proclamation of the evolving era of communications. And so it goes…Edison was wrong but with each new technology innovation, developers and practitioners continue to tinker with the world of possibilities that Edison saw as a logical consequence of the technology evolution. Today books are still an important media but now technology is present in every aspect of human existence.

The most dramatic innovations are where the focus of technology provides an extension of the human potential. Evolve Studios centres its capability at this nexus of human potential:

Knowledge - how we create and store knowledge,
Learning - how we learn and communicate this knowledge, and
Performance - how we apply this knowledge to human performance.

As in Edison's day, the gap between expectations and outcomes continues to blur with a barrage of claims concerning the capabilities of technology and its effect on human performance. Unfortunately the reality is that hidden production and deployment costs very quickly evaporate any return on investment predictions. This all too common problem has lead to a mixed reaction to technology solutions. Thankfully the technology evolution over the last millennium provides five significant maxims that will help mitigate the risks. Therefore Evolve's technology solutions must be:

Relevant - provide materials that people can immediately use for the performance of key functions.

Flexible - provide a range of styles, approaches and activities that encourage people to use all their senses and allows them to select an approach that specifically suits their preference.

Participatory - engage people at a psychological level where they are emotionally involved in the success of the initiative.

Effectual - be capable of producing the intended performance outcome over the dynamic evolution of the business strategy.

Motivational - allow people to experience progress and success from their own efforts.

With access to a wide range of specialists, Evolve can assist organisations continue the realisation of human potential by helping to solve knowledge, learning and performance problems.


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