Innovation by design - not creative trial and error.

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Learning strategies

Our designs change the learner from a passive consumer of knowledge to an explorer seeking out knowledge by allowing the learners to investigate problem solving and creative thinking strategies by way of a risk-free environment.

Project planning
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Marketing initiatives

Evolve Studios is a specialist design agency focussing on digital technologies within an evolving environment. We are renowned for achieving a blend between functionality and creativity. We focus on innovation by design not creative trial and error.

Project planning
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Corporate communications

Evolve’s specialists work with stakeholders to create a creative partnership during the production process from concept creation to special effects enhancement and product release. This way we always ensure quality, reliability and excellence.

We form business partnerships with our clients to facilitate achievement of their organisational goals and objectives.

Evolve Studios’ fundamental business goal is to improve our client’s work place performance using innovative digital strategies specifically suited for a changing environment.

To achieve this outcome consistently, we continually use current empirical research to develop unique and effective solutions to the most challenging conundrums.

For our clients this means success flows from:

  • A thorough appreciation of the desired performance outcome
  • Effective innovation by design not creative trial and error
  • Evaluating performance through measurable results

The design process doesn’t stop until the creative team has validation of success through independent evaluation. Evolve use a continuous evaluation process that collects data from the multidimensional perspective of all stakeholders. This way our project management methodology ensures that the creative process has a reality check. All progress is then dependent on the achievement of a series of project quality milestones before the project is continued. This means we create maximum design impact without distraction from inappropriate, improvident, extravagant, and inefficient design elements.

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Our Services

Learning Strategies

Evolve Studios principle business is designing, implementing and managing innovative learning strategies. We offer a total service ranging from performance consulting, needs assessment, developing digital learning solutions within a blended environment and learning evaluation.

Our designs change the learner from a passive consumer of knowledge to an explorer seeking out knowledge by allowing the learners to investigate problem solving and creative thinking strategies by way of a risk-free environment.

Evolve will design, develop, produce and evaluate learning products for all forms of flexible learning strategies including online, distance and flexible delivery, cross media facilitator led, print based self-instructional, audio and video tape formats and blended learning. Evolve provides a range of specialist capabilities that merge the best in learning design strategies with interactive technology, 2D and 3D animation, illustration, graphic design, special effects, digital video and audio, desktop publishing and information design. The resultant learning programs are specialised experiential learning events that use current applied research and technology in an immersive blended learning environment.

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What We Do

Conduct needs assessment

An organisational needs assessment is a systematic set of procedures that are used to determine the gaps between current performance conditions and desired performance conditions, examine their nature and causes, and set priorities for future action that will result in improved ‘on-the-job’ performance.

Evolve uses a Performance Consulting model which allows all design decisions to be linked directly with a work place performance outcome. This model provides the most appropriate data collection and analysis strategy for the specific organisational outcomes.

Develop virtual environments

Digital learning events must challenge learners to solve situational problems that they will confront on the job. This is achieved within a virtual environment that gives fingertip control over knowledge sources; allow learners to manipulate, play with, and develop ownership of concepts. There is also the opportunity to review and repeat activities at the convenience of the learner and to link with mentors to continue the learning experience. More importantly the media can give the sense of participating in a reality that links directly into the environmental nuances of their workplace.

Develop interactive learning activities

Evolve delivers content through the context of workplace situations involving actual scenarios, a range of different characters, problem solving challenges and good/bad situational examples. Learners will solve real problems using an immersive array of media elements. Building the training around scenarios and case study analysis will provide more authentic, contextualised and holistic learning, as well as a high level of scaffolding. Blending online modules, online forums and virtual classrooms will capitalise on the strengths of both synchronous and asynchronous learning. This will ensure an enjoyable learning experience and better transfer to ‘on the job’ application.

Diagnostic performance analytics

Diagnostic self-assessment will provide a framework to profile the learner’s existing skills and knowledge, thus underpinning the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) processes. The self-assessment’s ‘degree of difficulty’ is also an effective way to define and communicate expectations of the performance outcomes. When used to measure progress toward competency during the course the learners have immediate feedback on knowledge/skill acquisition. These data provide a basis for performance analytics to evaluate the on-going success of the initiative.

Develop performance support materials

Our creative design process seeks to identify the best use of productivity tools and Apps. These resources provide explicit, step-by-step instructions for the memory intensive procedures. These tools aid retention and learning transfer to the point where productivity can be best affected. Providing accurate performance support materials allows the flexibility of access to create a mobile learning environment. This creates a community of practice that becomes a focal point for better transfer to ‘on the job’ application and continuous improvement.

Provide critical skill development

Evolve will provide specific knowledge and skill development experiential based workshops. This includes blending online modules, audio and video events, online forums and actual/virtual classrooms to capitalise on the strengths of synchronous and asynchronous learning. This creates a community of practice that becomes a focal point for better transfer to ‘on the job’ application and continuous improvement.

We have a wide range of courses available, including Leadership, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Sales and Customer Service, Time Management, Presentation skills and more. Contact us for a comprehensive list and more information.

Conduct training evaluations

The most practical reason for evaluation is to determine if the investment in the training solution was worthwhile. Within the training and development field, evaluation is defined as the systematic application of scientific methods to assess the design, implementation, or outcomes of a training program. Evaluation typically involves observing and recording measurable program outcomes and then comparing these with the anticipated results. An Evolve evaluation will result in a better understanding of the impact of a training event and help stakeholders make informed decisions.


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Still Not Convinced?

See what our clients have to say:


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Evolve Studios have consistently demonstrated a highly developed ability to effectively interpret complex source content and apply adult learning principles during the instructional design process to produce very well designed products.

It has been my experience that they have established an exemplary record of delivering high quality learning products, on time and budget and being a pleasure to work with. This has been achieved across multiple projects, over a number of years and sometimes in very tight timeframes.

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The project was complex to begin with, but with frequent changes it became very challenging and time consuming undertaking. At all times Evolve approached it with patience, determination and grace…

My staff regularly reported to me, and it is my observation as well, that you were focussed on delivering a high quality product.

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